Increasing positive impact

We want to engage with our suppliers, customers, employees and stakeholders in order to inspire each other and create more impact together. 

Our Sustainable journey

By 2020 we aim to produce our socks in the most sustainable way, using sustainably sourced materials. In 2013 we have developed our new strategy and formulated ambitious goals concerning sustainable supply chain management. Star Sock aims to maximize the positive impact of the Healthy Seas Initiative and our own sustainability activities. We regularly communicate about our progress via social media and on this website on the news page

Stakeholder dialogue

We aim to involve our stakeholders in our journey. In order to learn, inspire (in our role as ambassador for the Healthy Seas Initiative) and share our knowledge we visit and participate in various public meetings. We are part of working groups on sustainability (e.g. CSR Netherlands textiles group) and our founder Eric Roosen participates in various discussion panels and is often invited to be a speaker during public or business events. 

Healthy Seas Initiative

On March 18th 2013, Aquafil, ECNC Land & Sea Group and Star Sock established the ‘Healthy Seas, a Journey from Waste to Wear’ initiative. The main objective of this initiative is to remove waste, in particular fishing nets and other marine litter, from the seas and oceans. Old fishing nets are often discarded and dumped into landfills, but we aim to create healthier seas and sea life by removing and recycling waste. As part of the Healthy Seas initiative, these nets will be transformed and regenerated into ECONYL® yarn. This is a high-quality material used to create beautiful new products, such as socks, swimwear, underwear and carpets. We are proud to give used fishing nets a second life in our socks. All socks including ECONYL® are part of a movement towards healthier seas.

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Star Story 2019

Read more about how we increase our positive impact in the Star Story of 2019 (pdf). 


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