We help our clients to be successful in selling socks. By offering surprisingly sustainable concepts we take work off the hands of our mass merchant clients and help them to increase their competitive advantage. Whether it concerns lead times or sustainability, Star Sock takes control of the full operational process, providing a ‘worry-free product’. We translate our clients’ needs and wishes into a desirable tailor-made sock assortment consisting of basic and attractive private label socks in various product categories:

Sports socks

Sports shoes are designed for a specific sport and if you ask us, this definitely applies to socks. Therefore, we do not believe in universal sports socks, as every discipline within a sport requires a sock tailored to match the specific activity. Star Sock is an all-star in the sport of making specialty socks, and we have developed the right sock for every distribution channel.



​Outdoor & Work socks

Socks are an essential part of a complete work or outdoor outfit. People often forget that the comfort of a shoe is lost without a well-fitting sock. A comfortable outdoor or work sock is strong, protective, prevents blisters and keeps feet in optimal condition. Every sock has specific characteristics, which enhances the qualities of the shoe and increases the comfort for the person wearing it. By using different materials and different knitting techniques Star Sock creates a suitable sock for all activities.


Private label

We take work off our your hands by providing an attractive sock assortment that matches our clients’ corporate identity. We do not keep stock but produce tailor-made private label socks on demand, produced under fair labour conditions. We do not only provide quality products for a good price — we go the extra mile by implementing sustainability criteria in our production process which meet our clients’ highest standards. We currently provide private label socks for large European retail chains and department stores such as Kaufland, Takko, NKD, Sweat shop, Zeeman, and Albert Heijn.

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